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Belsay School fully recognises its responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

School leaders are committed to creating a strong culture of safeguarding within each school that goesbeyond the required compliance measures. Amongst the staff, we promote vigilance and provide annual training and regular updates to ensure that all colleagues are informed and attentive to this crucial aspect of their role.

We are committed to taking timely and appropriate safeguarding action for children/pupils who need extra help or who may be suffering or likely to suffer harm. We adhere to our statutory and other responsibilities ensuring these are met and that staff exercise their professional judgement in keeping children and pupils safe. This policy contributes to the Trust’s and the school’s commitment to all local and national requirements.

Mr Shaw is your Designated Safeguard Lead

Mr Harvey is your Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead

Please read our policy in full below.