Science Day 2020

Science Day 2020
Our Diverse Planet

Start your own Farm


We discussed starting a new farm. When choosing which crop to grow in the UK, we had to think about climate, seasonality, demand and plant life cycles. We carried out surveys in our castle groups to see which crops were most popular and made graphs of our findings. After, we went out in the garden to plant sugar snap peas – one of the most in demand crops within our castle groups!


Build your Body clock!


We have looked at the important jobs of some of the body’s main hormones!

Our body tells us when to eat, when to sleep, when to wake up and even when we are full and have had too much food!


Is everybody's body the same?

We completed three activities, all of which linked with ‘my body’ we thought about the bones and organs in the body and linked this with being unique! We drew around our friends and then tried to put the organs back in the body. We decorated gingerbread biscuits showing the bones and organs. Our final job was to piece together a skeleton and show how we are all the same but all very different too!