2021 - 2022 KS1: Miss Dixon

Welcome to KS1!
In KS1 we play, learn and grow together. Follow our learning journey to see what we have been studying inside and outside the classroom!
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We follow the Read, Write Inc. scheme for Phonics. Below is a link to correct pronunciation of sounds- it would be beneficial to watch and revisit.
Stars of the Week!
Back to School!


KS1 have enjoyed their first week back in class and are excited to begin their new topic- Animals of the World! We've started our Phonics, Maths and Literacy lessons and chosen our new reading books. We also have a new addition to our reading area… the terrific teepee!

Adam Bushnell
We had a fabulous visit from children's author Adam Bushnell this week and spent our morning planning very creative superhero stories! However... the heroes we designed weren't just any superheroes... they were animal-robot superheroes! Their only mission- to save the animals. Later, we had another surprise visitor in our classroom... Jet the tortoise! 
Super Science
We have begun to answer our Science Big Question ‘What do you need to survive in the rainforest?’ We discussed what animals, including humans need to survive and how we would resource food, water, clothing and shelter within a rainforest habitat. We had lots of fun shelter building for Commando Ted in Forest School and thought carefully about weather conditions, predators and materials.
Animal Poems
KS1 have been writing Animal Poems in Literacy using similes and alliteration in their work. We performed our poems to the class and had fun guessing which animal each poem was written about.  
Fabulous French!
We enjoyed reading The Hungry Caterpillar with Madame Magee, we practised counting to 10 and naming fruits in French.
Animal Masks
We brought the Invention Shed into the classroom by designing and creating animal masks. We followed our plans carefully and thought about what materials would be most appropriate for our designs. We used a range of materials and discussed which type would attach them together securely.
Fire Safety
Today we had an exciting visit from Pegswood Fire Brigade. Paula and Lee taught us how to stay safe this bonfire night and explained the rules and laws about fireworks. We went out to see what is inside a fire engine and what happens if there is an emergency. 
Happy Halloween!
A Super Start to the New Half Term
We’ve had a wonderful first week back in school and have enjoyed starting our new subject topics. We have begun our Literacy study of John Burningham’s Oi! Get off our Train, discussing how animals become endangered and what elements of the story are fantasy. We were thrilled to share ideas about our new Big Question in Science- What if humans lived underwater? In Commando Joes we learned about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London, working hard in teams to transport water around obstacles.
One Kind Word
This week we have focused on ‘One Kind Word’ in PSHE to mark national Anti-Bullying week. We have learnt that Kindness is important; how little acts of consideration and charity can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. We chose our own words of kindness and used them to create a class jigsaw. We then celebrated how we are all unique by making a class heart from paint handprints.
Salt Crystal Candy Canes
This week we started a salt crystal candy cane experiment in Science. We made Christmas candy cane decorations from pipe cleaners and submerged them in a salt-water solution. We are observing how the water evaporates, leaving the salt behind and stuck to the decorations.
Christmas Dinner
Linking Project
We are excited to continue our Linking Project with St Lawrence's school this year and will be meeting our Linking class virtually for the first time at the end of January. Before Christmas, we learnt the names of our new penpals and exchanged first letters. They also sent us wonderful handmade Christmas cards that we were delighted to receive. This week, we compared the locations of our two schools on Google Maps- we identified that St Lawrence's is not far from Newcastle City Centre and enjoyed spotting recognisable landmarks, especially the Millennium Bridge! We observed that there are lots of roads and buildings close together in the city in comparison to the rural area of Belsay. We have begun to make bunting to send to our Linking class to remind them of us and our Linking journey. We are each sewing a unique piece of bunting using a running stitch and decorating it by forming the first initial of our names using beads, sequins and buttons. We are looking forward to joining all of our bunting pieces together for St Lawrence's to hang in their classroom.