2021-2022 Reception class: Miss Houghton

Welcome to Reception!
We use the website to share the fun we have been having in Reception.  
In Reception we follow the Read Write Inc phonics scheme. Below is a video on how to pronounce the sounds. It would be very helpful if you could watch it as it will benefit your child.  
We have had a fantastic first week back! It has been great to meet familiar children and welcome new children to the team. 
We had a great time rolling down the hill during our first forest school time! 
Reception had a great time with Adam Bushnell. We retold a story together thinking about the different animals and what actions and voices they might use. We were then lucky enough to get to meet Jet the tortoise. He had a great time seeing all of the superhero animals we could create!
In forest school, we used natural materials to make pictures of ourselves. Can you guess who everyone is? 
As part of our 'All about me' topic we have painted pictures of ourselves and thought about how we are all unique. 
This week saw us have our first Commando Joe's lesson. This is an opportunity for us to work as a team, think about how we would solve problems and build up our resilience to keep trying even when things go wrong. 
This week we have focused on the story Elmer! We have read the story together and read different stories that Elmer is in too. We have had a great time using blue, yellow and red paint to make new colours. 
We used inkpen mushrooms to paint leaf pictures in forest school! 
Commando Joe's was all about using our phonics to help us spell different words. 
Following the success of the black book challenge, to go on an Autumn hunt at home, we decided to have our own hunt during forest school. We discussed what we thought we might find and then off we went! 
Reception had a fantastic time getting to hear all about the important job Pegswood fire station have. They talked about staying safe around fire especially during Bonfire night which will soon be upon us. We were then lucky enough to be able to see the fire engine and all of the special equipment we need. Everyone had a great time! 
We had a great time dressing in our Halloween costumes and showing them off to our PTA members, who looked very different! 
This week we have focused on the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. We have been thinking about who we would take with us on our own brooms. We have really enjoyed this book and we are looking forward to making changes to the story next week!
This week we have thought about remembrance day. We discussed why we wear poppies, what do they symbolise and also discussed which day remembrance day takes place. On the 11th November we stopped and completed a 1 minute silence to remember everyone who has fought to keep us safe. We also made our own poppy sun catchers. 
As part of Forest school this week we re-read the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and thought about making our own magic wands. We collected our materials and then got to work. I am pleased to say we all managed to make a magic wand and even put spells on each other! 
This week in forest school it was all about making the most of the wonderful Autumn leaves we have on the school field. We had lots of fun playing in them. We also tried to make the first letter of our names using the leaves! 
This week we have read and re-read the story We're going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen. We then decided we would tell the story using actions as we know it so well. Here we are in action! 
This week we received a special letter from Santa, on Wednesday we came into class and found a letter and a box of goodies. We read the letter and realised Santa wanted us to write a Christmas list and send it to him. We set to work and completed this and then walked along to the Belsay shop to post them. We all had a great time and were fantastic at being safe!
We had a great time in the frosty weather, lots of us tried to make snow angels. We are hoping more snow will arrive soon! 
We worked together to put the Christmas tree up. I am sure you will agree it looks magnificent! 

This week in Reception we have thought about the story of Christmas. The children have also enjoyed reading a whole host of Christmas books and many are making their way home with some of the children. 

We all had a great time on Wednesday. As if by magic our table cloth we decorated ended up in the hall. Everyone enjoyed their lunch and it was delicious. Thank you Mrs Hayes!

We had a great time during our Christmas performance! To celebrate we had a Christmas party. There was lots of dancing and singing to be had! Everyone was magnificent. 
This half term we start our topic of traditional tales. The first story we have focused on has been Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have thought about the characters in the story and how they would have felt.
This week in Commando Joe's it was all about making a bed for Goldilocks! We had to work as a team and make sure we could make one that wasn't too hard and wasn't too soft but one that was just right! 
 We have also had lots of independent writing from the children this week, they have been using their phonic knowledge to help with their writing.
We have finalised our work on the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Commando Joe’s involved building a bridge but everytime the troll asked “Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?” We had to work as a team to hide from the troll. It was great to see the team work.
Our Numeracy focus this week has been all about symmetry, what better way to do this than to paint half of butterfly, double it and see it look exactly the same on both sides! 
What a week we have, we have focused on our reading this week and how we can use it to read words in a story. We have then applied this knowledge to our writing and completed lots of jobs that required us to use our phonics skills. This focus task required the children to choose a ball, read the word and then write a rhyming word. Everyone gave it a good go and I was really impressed. Well done Reception!
This week in forest school we continued to work on the skill of whittling. A tricky task for some people, but with perseverance and determination we all managed to successfully make a magic wand. We thought about keeping ourselves and others safe. This required us to make sure we had lots of space around us. 
Busy writers!! 
A lot of exploring in the water tray has occurred this week, the children have enjoyed experimenting with the water and seeing what happens when they overflow a container. 
Dinosaur explorers at the ready! 
The children had a great time with the paint they enjoyed exploring what happens when we mix together different colours! 
We have completed an experiment to see which drinks are the best for our teeth. We used pop, water and juice to see what would happen to the eggs/teeth. We made predictions about what might happen, set up the experiment and left it for one week. We then checked to see what had changed. We then made our conclusion that water is the best for our teeth compared to pop and juice. We also would like to test what would happen if we used orange and apple juice rather than blackcurrant. 

We have had a great time in the invention shed this week. We took on the role of sorting out additional items that needed sorting and then we were able to plan what we would like to make. We had a whole range of creative ideas. Some children made binoculars, some made a seesaw for the gingerbread man and we even had a dinosaur. It was great to see the children so busy in the Invention shed and some children even chose to bring items back to the classroom to continue their creations. 

We have had a great time this week making use of our amazing space café. We have been busy taking orders, preparing the space food and making sure we have some happy customers. 
Reception transformed themselves into Aliens! They spent time making their own alien mask and then putting it to good use pretending to be a real alien! 
What a great time we had on World Book Day dressing up as our favourite character from our favourite book! Can you guess the books? 
Linking with our story 'Whatever next' by Jill Murphy we thought about a trip to the moon. We planned what and who we would like to take with us, we made a plan of the rocket we would like to travel in and then we got to work making the rocket ensuring it was big enough for everyone to fit on. A lot of hard work and team work was shown during this activity with great success for all. 
This week we have continued with our big question 'What would happen if we planted a seed from Earth on Mars? We decided to plant seeds in lots of different places that 'might be like' Mars. 
This half term we are focusing on the topic of 'The World'. This week we have looked at different animals from around the world and made links with our class story The Ugly Five. We have thought about what it would be like to live in Africa! We completed our own art work to show a African sunset. 
This half term will see us continue to work on fire safety during our forest school sessions. This week we collected the equipment, set up the fire pit thinking about how to keep everyone safe, and then we took turns to attempt to light a fire. A really tricky task which requires great perseverance and patience! Well done to Thea, Olive and Bee for successfully lighting a fire. Well done to the whole of Team Reception nobody gave up even when it was really difficult!
We had a great time in music. We sang some of the songs Mrs Wigham has taught us. We then chose our Mr moon song to sing and play our instrument to. It was fantastic to see everyone having a go and performing to an audience. 
We had a great time during transition time this week with the current year 1 children. It was great to be able to meet with new friends and spend time together. 
It has been very bubbly and very busy in the water tray this week! Everyone had a great time! 
What a great time we had in cricket this week. This was only our second lesson and what a lot of progress could be seen already. The children worked really hard with their throwing and catching skills. Everyone was brilliant at hitting the ball and remembering to hold the bat correctly! Well done Team Reception! 
As part of our Jubilee celebrations we all got to enjoy a delicious ice cream. Throughout the day we celebrated by completing a variety of tasks such as flag making, completing the queens head, working in the invention shed to make a gift for the queen and designing our own crowns. We had a great time together. We also had a special afternoon tea for lunch which was prepared by Mrs Hayes. It was MAGNIFICENT! 
We were lucky enough to get a real sized cut out of the Queen. It was great! We got to see how tall she is, practice our best waves, bow and curtsey as well as recreating a very famous royal photo! 
We finally got to have a treat around the fire. The children have worked so hard with their fire safety skills throughout last half term. We have practised lighting the fire and building the fire. We were able to enjoy a tasty treat this week! We are looking forward to what we can cook next. 
As part of our big question, focus on: What is a balanced diet for us and the planet? We have thought about where food comes from. We were able to make good use of the gardening area and we found there were all sorts being grown out there. We thought we should give a helping hand and collected water in the containers and gave everything a good watering, including ourselves!
The children have been very creative this week and have enjoyed making bags and purses. Some fantastic cutting and sticking skills have been used. 
We had the most magnificent visit to Belsay hall and castle, everyone was fantastic even when near the end of the day legs were starting to get tired. Well done team Reception! 
In years gone by it has been tradition for Reception to draw the Belsay Hall during our visit, however this year we had to improvise. I am sure you will agree we have done a superb job!
As part of our whole school focus a few weeks ago, about real life superheroes we decided to make biscuits for the NHS workers to say thank you for all they do. We managed to make enough for one ward at the RVI to receive some and one ward at Cramlington hospital to receive some. A big thank you to our NHS from everyone in Reception! 
This week Reception took part in the picture news day. This is what we use as our weekly school theme and it is always brilliant to share current topics. The focus of this event was all about art work and different artists. We were lucky enough to "meet" (via the power of Microsoft teams) the artist Jill Eagle. We got to hear all about her inspirations and how she likes to complete her art work. Would you believe that she uses brushes that we use at home to decorate. It was magnificent and we cannot wait for the next one!  

A few weeks ago we decided to make some biscuits to say a big thank you to our amazing NHS workers. We successfully completed this and were thrilled when we received an email back from both hospitals that received the biscuits. These were the responses: 


“Ward 6 at the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital would like to say a huge thank you to all for the yummy treats you sent in. I can honestly say that they were gone in seconds! Every member of staff was incredibly touched that you thought of them and made such lovely biscuits to say thank you for the work that we do. Katie, one of our nurses, said they were really yummy. Dr Chaplin was very impressed by the decorations; he especially liked the super hero ones! They gave us lots of energy for the rest of the afternoon to help us look after our patients,”


“I was going to take them up to intensive care for the doctors and nurses, but then thought that the domestics work so hard in the background and rarely get a mention or a thank you. She was sooo pleased she had a tear in her eye. She's going to take them and share them with her colleagues. It's such a lovely gesture, thank you!”

We feel incredibly lucky to have received such wonderful feedback and it made us feel very proud of ourselves.

For our final forest school lesson in Reception we decided to have cake and custard around the fire. Everyone was fantastic at helping with lots of different jobs. We all agreed that it was delicious! 
This week we were lucky enough to have a french speaking crepe creator in school. Julian was brilliant at helping us with our french and it was great to have a chance to use all of the skills Madame Barton has taught us this year.
What a way to end the year. We had a fantastic time during our party!