2021-2022 LKS2: Miss Cantwell & Mrs Bushell

Welcome Back Year 3 & 4!
We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all back to school this week. Please remember to arrive on Tuesday with your named PE kit and Forest school gear. Invitations for Google Classroom have been sent out so please check your child's school 360 account and remember to let us know if you experience any problems. 
Further class routine information will be sent out shortly.
See you all very soon!
We have begun our recorder work with Mrs Hague- the notes B, A and G have been mastered already!
In our Electricity work we have learnt that more than one power cell is called a battery and investigated bulbs and buzzers in circuits. We have added another bulb to the circuit- a great prediction that this will still work but the bulbs will be dimmer.
In maths we have been looking at place value. We have partitioned 3 and 4 digit numbers and used this skill to work with money.
 Commando Joe's
Nellie Bly was an American journalist known for her investigative and undercover reporting. In 1873 she attempted to break a fictional record set by Phileas Fogg - Around the World in Eighty Days! This week's mission was to build a bridge. We had great fun!
Forest School
This week in forest school we have be continuing with our 'mindful mile'. We have been looking at deciduous and evergreen trees and learning why the trees lose their leaves in autumn and why the leaves change colour. I was particularly impressed by the children's knowledge and their use of the term chlorophyll! Another fun filled session with plenty of learning opportunities!
Forest School
A 'mindful mile' and collaborative den building session. Great fun was had by all!
Poetry Reading
We have been learning about how the Anglo Saxons used to share kennings and riddles. The children wrote their own kennings about Anglo Saxon life and shared them with the class. They were fantastic!
We have looked at the work of Escher- studying his line drawings and shading techniques. He gets an amazing amount of detail in his work and we have tried to replicate this. In addition we have used our Invention Shed time to add collage details. Take a look in the gallery...
And here is the second wave of Artwork:
Halloween Spooktacular!
The children arrived dressed up for an action packed day. Spooky joke trick or treating with the PTA  was huge hit! We went on to write and perform some fabulous Halloween themed Kenning poetry. Amazing descriptive language Years 3 & 4. Happy Halloween ! 
Glorious Inventions!
Our homework project this term was a huge success with some amazing inventions being thought up and created. Some fairly amazing price tags too! Well done to those who brought in a model or presented their invention to the class. You were all very articulate and confident.
Fun with Fractions
Today we have been finding fractions of quantities. The children worked very hard to grasp this concept and enjoyed reducing our focus number by eating a few Starburts! We found fractions such as 1/10, 3/10, 1/6, 2/6, 4/6 etc. Great work!
Forest School
We have been creating Remembrance Day poppies using only natural items we found on the field. The children were very knowledgeable about the Poppy Appeal and why we wear poppies. 
Violin Performance
This morning we were treated to a wonderful violin performance. We all listened intently and the girls were very proud of their performance. 
We have been working hard to create some  paintings of the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle.  We used 4 predominant colours to paint our own bridge inspired by Monet’s River Thames paintings. The children have really impressed me with their skills. Well done years 3 & 4.
Don't go near the rocks! Our lighthouses have been made with 2 cells to form a battery, a bulb and a handmade switch to make sure they are a useful addition to any bedroom.
We have started our week with a dictionary scavenger hunt. The children have worked very hard to master the use of dictionaries in the classroom. Well done years 3 & 4!
Times Tables
In maths this week we have been learning our times tables. We have sung songs, completed investigations, played games and swapped top tips for remembering them. A fantastic effort years 3 and 4!
Extreme Earth
The children have worked very hard to produce some wonderful news reports about tsunamis, including interviews and action clips. They have really enjoyed our Extreme Earth topic so far, learning about the layers of the earth, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.
Mixed Up Fairy Tales
This week we have really enjoyed creating some freeze frames for our mixed up fairy tales. We worked hard on showing feelings through our facial expressions and enjoyed performing to the rest of the class. 
Commando Joe's
This week's challenge was to build a storm proof shelter. The children used their very best team building skills to produce some excellent shelters. The wind was blowing to add an extra level of challenge. There was much fun and laughter when the bucket was brought out to check how waterproof the shelters were!
Kielder Observatory Visit
Today Naz from Kielder Observatory came in to school and blew us away with her knowledge of the sky. She told us all about stars, light, planets and asteroids. We made cool UV bracelets too.
Hadrian's Wall Virtual Focus Day
Hadrian’s Wall Virtual Focus Day was run by the Great North Museum and was filled with fascinating facts. This event has supported our Romans topic and helped us to understand how the Romans lived in our local area all those years ago.
A Visit From The Sill
The Sill came into school and told us all about their building and how it fits into the landscape. We learned about the different types of wildlife that can be found along Hadrian's Wall and how extreme the weather can be. It was fascinating finding out how the paths alongside the wall and in the National Park are maintained and how to report a problem if we find one.
Housesteads Roman Fort
What a wild and windy day to visit Housesteads Roman Fort! The children were amazing and so enthusiastic despite the weather conditions. They have been trained as Roman soldiers, taken a walk along Hadrian's Wall to Milecastle37 and had a good look around the fort. They particularly enjoyed learning about the latrine! 
 Forest School
If the ash comes out before the oak,
There’ll be a summer soak.
If the oak comes out before the ash,
There’ll be a summer splash.
We have been putting this theory to the test this week. If it is correct, we are in for a wet summer!
This term we are learning all about the Buddhist faith. We have produced some drama sketches about who Siddhartha Gautama was and where Buddhism was founded.
Years 3 & 4 had a wonderful time playing cricket this week. We learned some new rules and worked on our batting and catching skills. Great work!
Times Tables Rock Stars Day
Years 3 & 4 have had the most fantastic day learning their times tables. They have played TT Knock Out, Dance Monkey, TTRS and completed multiplication mosaics. They were even treated to a Street Dance session in PE. 
Forest School
This week in forest school we spent time creating and labelling parts of a tree. Great job years 3 & 4!
The homework challenge this week was to design and  create a game based on the times tables. Years 3 & 4 -you did not disappoint! The games were incredible. We all had so much fun playing them and learning our times tables.
Performance Poetry
In literacy this week we have been reading and performing poems written by Valerie Bloom. We have watched Valerie Bloom bring her poems to life and have discussed the techniques she uses. We then used some of her techniques to read and perform 'Best Friends' and 'Journey'.
The Ancient Greeks
Today we had visitors from  Newcastle University. We looked at real ancient Greek artefacts, replica and 3D prints and compared how they looked and felt. They explained how technology can be used to find out more about ancient artefacts and how a 3D printer can be used to create models of artefacts. The children had so many wonderful questions for our experts today and were making comparisons between life in Ancient Greek and Roman times. 
Belsay Hall & Castle Trip
The children had a wonderful day exploring Belsay Hall and Castle.
This term we are learning about children's rights and being a responsible citizen. This week we have thought about what rights people across the world should have and how important these rights are.