2020 - 2021 UKS2: Mr Harvey

Welcome to the class page of Years 5 & 6.  Mr Harvey and Miss Cook are delighted to see the children back in school.  Keep an eye on this page to see all of the amazing activities the children are involved in. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the most recent events.
We've had an amazing time in the 'Invention Shed' today!!
This term we are studying Henri Matisse and looking at some of his amazing pieces of work.  We have been inspired by his 'cut-out' masterpieces - here are some of our own ideas based on his work.
The children are really engaged with their Commando Joe's learning!  Using their problem solving and logic skills!
We've had a great afternoon in the Autumn sunshine making wreaths in Forest School.  Some of us linked it to Jesus' 'Crown of Thorns'.
We had some amazing Halloween and Harvest costumes - well done Years 5&6.
Today we had to design a rocket to take the whole team up to Space - it was tricky getting everyone to fit inside of it.
If you fuel your journey on opinions of others, you'll run out of gas.  This week's task mission was to reconnect the power supply to the space craft.  This two sides to every story.  Some great problem solving was happening today!

Autumn 2 - English Novel

Ayesha doesn't know why they're fighting. But she does know that war has ripped her city in two - and that the enemy lives on the other side of no man's land.

Since her mother died in a shell attack and her father left the country to find work, Ayesha has lived in a battle-scarred building with her granny and her two little brothers. Now Granny has run out of medicine and it looks like she's going to die too.

But Ayesha won't let that happen. She'll do anything to find a doctor, even make the forbidden journey across the dangerous and desolate no man's land...

The astronauts have been on an incredible journey. Today is the last leg. Teams must successfully land on Earth to be re-acclimatised to their home planet.
The astronauts face their final mission… getting home!
They are securely placed at one end of the spacecraft (the activity area).
Within their craft, the teams of 15 have a selection of coloured balls and 3 pieces of guttering.
On the far side of the activity area is the landing pad (bucket or barrel).
During Forest School today we have been searching for legs, a neck and antlers to construct our wonderful reindeers!  They now have a warm scarf on them and carry a name tag!
Last week we collected our pieces of wood to construct our own reindeer.  Look at our wonderful creations!
Cubism is a style of art which aims to show all of the possible viewpoints of a person or an object all at once. It is called Cubism because the items represented in the artworks look like they are made out of cubes and other geometrical shapes. Cubism was first started by Pablo Picasso.  Here are some examples of our interpretations of Picasso's famous masterpieces!
It is 1927 and pilots are about to board aeroplane “Friendship.” Amelia worked with a group of men. Her role was to relay information from maps. However, in 1927 women were not considered as equal to men and therefore Amelia was often ignored. During today’s mission pilots will understand the disadvantage that Amelia faced being a woman.
In this week's Forest School session, we have been thinking ahead for when the birds return in the Spring.  Our wonderful hand-made nests are drying out and ready for installation in the trees next week!
Today we had staff from the Newcastle United Foundation explaining how to help someone who may have had a cardiac arrest.  Thanks to the song 'Staying Alive', we all know the speed to go at when giving chest compressions. We also know how to use a defibrillator safely.
After overcoming the difficulties of being a woman in a ‘man’s world’ female pilots have finally been accepted as part of the aeronautical team. Today we built and tested our own aircraft, attempting Amelia’s famous journey across the Atlantic Ocean.
We have had an 'electrifying' afternoon making simple circuits.  We've had motors spinning, bulbs flashing and buzzers buzzing!
'Images are worth a thousand words'
Whilst returning back across the Atlantic Ocean, a storm caused pilots to make an emergency landing. Luckily the plane only incurred minor damage. Before the teams can head back to the U.S.A, they must communicate with the closest navigation tower using ground-to-air signals and be given authorisation for their un-planned take-off.
As you can see, we've had an amazing Christmas Party afternoon.  Playing games, eating snacks and Mr Harvey just about joined in with the festive cheer!
April 2021. 
We have been experimenting with different pencils to see which give us a light shading and which are darker.
April 2021
New English topic. Mission: Save Pompeii

In this unit, the children go on an imaginary mission back in time to warn the people of Pompeii about the volcanic eruption. They read the interactive eBook, locating key information in the text and creating an action plan. The writing tasks include creating an information leaflet and writing a non-chronological report using formal language.

We will learn all about the incredible facts about the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79. What will it take to save the people of Pompeii? This interactive unit includes pop-up fact boxes, animation, videos and supplementary text to engage children and support learning.

April 2021
We had an amazing time in Forest School lighting fires.  Thanks to Mr Allman (from Ponteland High School) who helped us to light our fire!  The toasted marshmallows and biscuits were delicious.
April 2021
During today's Commando Joes session we had to use effective transportation to move ourselves across the field - we were not allowed to touch the grass!
April 2021
We had an amazing afternoon making mini-tipi fires in our Forest School session.  We collected many sticks and then graded them into different groups.
April 2021
The children have been understanding how to recognise if somebody is suffering an asthma attack and how to treat a casualty.  We also had some fun making a pair of paper lungs each too!
April 2021
During our Commando Joes challenge today we had to guide one another across complicated courses while blindfolded....we had a few falls!
April 2021
Invention Shed Day.  
As part of our Science topic, we each spent time in the Invention Shed and made either a heart, a pair of lungs or a skeleton.  Look at our amazing inventions.
April 2021.
Today in Forest School we learnt how to use a key on an Ordnance Survey map and had a wonderful time mapping out our school grounds.  I wonder how many steps it would take to walk around our perimeter?