2020 - 2021 KS2: Mrs Bushell and Mrs Younger

Welcome back Year 3 and 4
We are all really excited to be back at school and are ready to start our new Term. Although things are a little bit different, we have some exciting things planned for the school year. Mrs Hall is joining the class for the Autumn Term and will be teaching year 3 and 4 alongside us, so there are lots of adults in class to help you with your learning. We look forward to sharing the fantastic work and learning experiences of year 3 and 4 on this page for you to view from home. 
Mrs Younger and Mrs Bushell 
Commando Joe's
We had our first session of Commando Joe's this week and had a glimpse of the exciting activities in store. The children had an introduction to using the equipment safely and thinking about the ways that each item could be used. We will be learning about Ed Stafford, the first person to travel the entire length of the Amazon River on foot. This will be the inspiration for our mission.
Science - Magnetism
Our new topic this half term is Forces and Magnetism. This week Year 3 and 4 were introduced to their 'BIG QUESTION' and predicted how much force was required to pull a car across a number of different surfaces. We discussed how we could make it a fair test and whether our results supported the original predictions. The 'BIG QUESTION' this half term is 'What factors affect magnetism?' This will be revisited throughout the topic.
Design and Technology
We are working DT alongside our History topic this half term and looking at Stone Age clothing. Year 3 and 4 have been starting to think about designing their own stone age outfit and in preparation for this, we have practiced running stitch, back stitch and over stitch. The class will then each choose which type of stitch they feel would be the best for their design. It was amazing to see what fantastic sewers we have in class and the skills they were able to put into their designs.
Forest School
This week in forest school, we took a trip back to the Stone Age.  The children used their whittling skills to create Stone Age tools using sticks, stones and string.  In addition to the tools, they began to build our pallet house with Mr Atkinson.  We hope to have many a Stone Age adventure in our pallet house over the coming weeks.
Continuing Magnetism - Poles apart
This week our focus in science was predicting how magnets might attract and repel one another. We had a class quiz to test our knowledge, predicted how the poles of a magnet repel or attract another and then tested out these theories. Throughout the weeks, Year 3 and 4 are deciding which scientific language we can add to our mind map in relation to our big question 'What factors affect magnetism?'
Numeracy - Exploring symmetry 
Year 3 and 4 had a great numeracy lesson exploring symmetry using the i pads. The children worked in pairs, creating a simple symmetrical figure with respect to a specific line of symmetry. This was a great starting point for our block on geometry, which has now moved forward to identifying properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes.
Commando Joe's
This week in Commando Joe's, year 3 and 4 were using blind folds to lead each other safely across the playground. This activity was about trust and being able to deliver and follow clear instructions. Today was in preparation for our mission across the Amazon; leading one another to safety from A to B. It is a dark and stormy night in the Amazon, what obstacles might they face along the way?
Science - Fun at the fair
For the past few weeks, year 3 and 4 have been using their knowledge of magnetism to create games. Magnets were used for fishing, car racing and target games; just to name a few. Every group met the learning objective of this task and their knowledge on magnetism shined through. We also had a lot of fun making them!
Design and Technology - Stone Age clothing
Over the past few weeks we have made a prototype for our stone age clothing design. Each child evaluated what worked well with their prototype and what they would change in their final design. Some have decided to change the type of stitch they are using, to make it stronger or neater. Others have decided to make their material wider to enable them to stitch the material together more easily. The clothing year 3 and 4 have designed are fantastic and really show that they have thought carefully about what people in the stone age would have worn. 
Literacy - Horrid Henry
Our new topic in Literacy is based on the story books 'Horrid Henry', by Francesca Simon. This week year 3 and 4 worked in pairs to identify adjectives from the text. Year 4 took their learning further and discussed whether the adjectives were specific to the setting or to the character. We will follow this learning on with analysing the covers of a selection of Horrid Henry books, thinking about the common theme across each story.
Forest School
We have had great fun in our Forest School sessions over the last few weeks. We have taken part in shelter building, knot tying, cave art and fire lighting to name just a few of our activities. 
Geography - Maps 
This week we looked at Ordnance Survey Maps. The children then created a map key to go with a map of our school building. The maps were tricky to fold!

 Odd Socks Day

The theme this year is, ‘United Against Bullying’ and if you would like to wear odd socks on Monday, or all week please do so! We will be thinking about how we can all work together to make sure bullying does not happen.

Art- Banksy
Year 3 and 4 have started to create stencils for their very own Banksy style piece of street art. We designed our own stencils and used black paint to print into sketch books, the ideas were fantastic. Next week they will create a brick wall out of cardboard and their images will be printed on; to create our Banksy inspired wall display.
Forest School
This week we have been looking at Land Art. We discussed the differences between Banksy style art and  Land Art. We looked at some Land Art pictures and talked about what we liked and which materials had been used. The children then had some challenge cards. They disappeared off into the woods to create some true master pieces and then we had an art tour around the forest school area. Lots of creative fun had by all!
Numeracy - Rounding
After a few days learning the key skills of rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, .10, .100, year 3 and 4 put their understanding to the test. We all paired up and played a game involving rounding to the nearest ... Mrs Younger got slightly competitive!
Commando Joe's
This week our challenge was to create a stretcher to rescue an injured party member, following a minor helicopter incident. The team work was fantastic and the whole class put a lot of thought into the challenge. I'm looking forward to next week's challenge, where the task will be to do this over more challenging terrain and with further obstacles in their path.
Science - soil
For our final week on our current topic, we had a closer look at soil. In groups year 3 and 4 gathered a sample of soil and used a magnifying glass to study it more closely. We then thought about how we could test whether our sample would soak up water or allow water to drain through it.
Happy New Year
Happy New Year, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We wanted to say a massive thank you for the gifts and cards that we received. As always, it was greatly appreciated. Strange times for us as we arrive back at school, so continue to take care of yourselves and those around you. 
Mrs Younger and Mrs B
Back to school
It was lovely to have a full class back in school yesterday! We all enjoyed a fabulous day filled with fun activities.
Science Day
We had a fantastic day with everyone back in school. Science day was a bit different this year, but it allowed us to partner up with friends we haven't worked with for quite some time. The class researched the pros and cons of selective breeding and used this information to take part in a class debate. Some fantastic and relevant points were raised during the debate. We also discussed learning in the past, what lock down learning looked like for us and then designed a futuristic classroom. 
In literacy this week we have introduced the book 'Top Gun of the sky'. We watched some videos about the Peregrine Falcon and learnt about its speed and attack. In groups, the children learnt a section of the story and performed their part to the class. We read this in order, so each section then came together to recreate the whole story.
Our Big Question in science this half term has been 'How can you tell if something is a plant?' We have been exploring what the requirements are for plants to grow and what will happen if a requirement is missing. We removed water, soil and light to plants and today we recorded the results. 
Forest School
In Forest school this week we have been looking at different types of shelters. We chatted about how shelters can protect us from the heat and the cold. We took thermometers outside with us and measured how the temperature changed when we were in our shelters. It was great fun! 
Today we began our new Dance unit in PE. We had a wonderful time trying to learn the new dance moves! They were tricky but fun and the children enjoyed a really good work out!
We have continued with our big question 'How can you tell if something is a plant?' and linked it with art to cover the topic 'Artful flowers, fruits and seeds'. Year 3 and 4 have been making close observations of flowers and fruits, while using watercolour crayons, paints and pastels to make their observations come to life. 
As part of our Viking topic Year 3 and 4 made their own compass. This was linked with the invention shed, where children used simple materials such as foam, magnets, wire and water.
Commando Jo's
In Commando Jo's, Year 3 and 4 have been learning about Sir Ernest Shackleton. Thinking about how he preserved his food while on an expedition, the children pickled a selection of food such as carrots, pears, grapes and courgette. Taste buds were firing and there were some varied opinions!