2020 - 2021 KS1: Miss Dixon

Welcome to KS1!
In KS1 we play, learn and grow together. Follow our learning journey to see what we have been studying inside and outside the classroom!
In KS1 we use the Read, Write Inc scheme for phonics. Below is a link to correct pronunciation of sounds- it would be beneficial to watch and revisit.
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Back to School
We've had a very exciting and active start to the Autumn term. We began  new PE lessons this week with NUFC coach Steven and started our Commando Joe training to help develop our problem solving and teamwork skills. We also had a very special visit from author Adam Bushnell and  tortoise Jet to help us with our creative story writing.
Fun in Forest School!
We have begun to identify different trees from their description and photographs of their leaves.This week we looked for silver birch and holly trees. We learned lots of interesting facts about the history of the trees and how they change as they mature. We also collected lots of Autumn leaves and wrote a new school year wish on them. We have left them in the forest to blow away, we hope they come true!
Family Trees

A family tree helps us to tell our family story and share information about our past. Well done to KS1 for their fabulous Family Tree work. We shared lots of unique and creative designs.

Funny Faces
We spent a busy morning in Forest School collecting natural materials to create our own funny faces. Can you spot yours?
Spooky Pictures
We had a great day celebrating Halloween early in class. We began our day by making decorations for the classroom and creating our own spooky artwork using chalk drawings, collage techniques and controlled paint splattering. There were some very spooky pieces! We then had a picture parade outside on the yard to celebrate our work and admire the pumpkins.
Terrific Transport!
We had a very arty morning launching our Autumn 2 topic Terrific Transport! We learnt about the Tyne and Wear Metro by looking at the stages of its opening from 1980, discussing how the transport has changed over time. We spent part of our morning creating our own unique carriage designs using paint, collage, pastel and felt pens. There were lots of fantastic creations from tiger stripes to pepperoni prints. Each carriage represents each person in our class and we were able to guess who had designed each one based on their interests and passions. We can't wait to connect our carriages together to display the KS1 Metro in the classroom.
List Poems
We began the new half term by performing List Poems and studying their features. We particularly enjoyed reading Steve Turner's Inside My Mind. We used the structure of his poem to write our own verses. See the verse we wrote as a class below, inspired by our transport topic.
Inside my head there is a race track,
A car, a trophy, a roaring crowd,
A flag, a start line, some anxious drivers,
A zoom, a whizz, feeling proud.
Commando Joe
We've had lots of fun in Commando Jo this week, protecting the cubs from the hyenas! We had to use our senses to guide our lion pride to safety without disturbing the predators.
Model Making

We have been designing and making Transport Models in Art. We molded the shape of our models using our hands and fingers, using different rolling techniques for wheels, skis and propellers. We used tools to add finer details and texture.


Pen Pals!


This year our KS1 children are lucky enough to be taking part in a school linking project with The Linking Network. We’re really excited to be linking with St Lawrence’s Primary School again this year, and look forward to working with and meeting the children from our link class in the Summer term.


As part of this project, we are going to explore the following key questions:


  • Who am I?looking at all the things that make us who we are and form a part of our identity.

  • Who are we?looking at the similarities and differences we may share with others and thinking about the different things that might make up the identity of others.

  • Where do we live?looking at the community we live in and the communities in which others live in as well as celebrating the all things that make our shared home, planet Earth, great.

  • How do we all live together?looking at how we can live, play and work together so that everyone is treated fairly and is happy.


We will explore these questions at different points in the year, through different forms such as art and poetry. By taking part in this project, we hope to find out lots about our linking class not just by meeting one another but also by sharing work with them (we hope that they will send us some work back to look at!). Sharing work helps lay a positive foundation so that our children feel like they know a little bit about their link class before they meet for the very first time.




How do salt crystals form?
In Science we have set up salt bauble experiments in the classroom to watch how salt crystals form. We've written our own predictions and drawn diagrams to show our method.
Party Time!
We had lots of fun on our Christmas Party day! We began the day by designing Christmas jumpers whilst the winning castle team for Autumn Term (Durham) made decorations in the Invention Shed with Mr A. We played some outdoor party games before a delicious Christmas dinner then had a movie afternoon watching the Polar Express.
Back to School! 
KS1 have had a fantastic first week back in school after lockdown. We have enjoyed being reunited with our friends and learning all together. We celebrated Science Day 2021 in our class bubble and discussed what skills an inventor needs to innovate for the future. We agreed that curiosity, perseverance and patience are key.
We designed and invented our own Robobugs with amazing features to aid rescue missions and even space exploration! We used tools to make models of them from clay.
We also played a game of Herd Immunity Jenga to learn how vaccines not only protect you but everyone in your community.
Keeping Active
We have been discussing the importance of keeping active not only to keep our bodies fit but also to keep our minds healthy. We were joined by Sophie from NUF and began our first dancing lesson outside on the yard in the sun. We enjoyed moving to the beat of the music and learning the beginning of a sequenced routine as a class. We also had our weekly Commando Joes lesson and continued our Fairytale mission from last week based on The Three Little Pigs. We had to work hard in our teams to replicate the building of a house from blocks in a camouflaged area for protection from the KS1 wolves. Look out for the traps! (PE spots).
Marvelous Marshmallows!
We enjoyed toasting tasty marshmallows on the fire today using the sticks we whittled last week with Miss Houghton. We practiced our fire poses, discussed equipment and followed the circle rules. We also learned how to extinguish a fire safely.