Week 1 Numeracy

This week the TTRockstars focus is the 6 and 7 x tables. Why not start with this
Attached is a core sheet that all children can access. There is also an additional sheet for children that would like to extend their learning further. Extension activities are included in the power point.
Thursday 7th January
For the next few days we will be looking at Fractions. Below there is a power point attached for you to work your way through. The Year 3 learning objectives are in Green and the Year 4 learning objectives are in Blue. The learning in the power point is relevant to all children, even if it may not be relevant to today's work sheet.  Also attached are core work sheets for all children, or there is the option of the additional sheet if you would like the challenge (don't complete both work sheets). You will find the extension activities at the end of the Power Point.