Year 3 Maths Week 11
Year 3 English Week 11
Year 4 English Week 11
Year 4 Maths Week 11
Science  - States of Matter
The new topic is States of Matter. The learning objective of this week is to understand that materials can be classified into different states and begin to use simple practical enquiries and scientific evidence to support their findings.
If possible, bring out the range of materials and ask chn to discuss and decide how the materials can be classified. Have empty containers and spoons on the tables as well and encourage chn to pour the material from one container to another or to mix the materials. Is it easy to move the spoon through the material? Does the material take the shape of the container it is in? Assess their understanding.
Use the powerpoint provided and the resource sheet to allow children to investigate, discuss and note down any points of learning.
History - The Ancient Greeks