Meet the Staff

  • Miss Clare Cantwell

    Headteacher, Reception Teacher

  • Miss Demi Houghton

    Reception Teacher

  • Miss Abigail Dixon

    Year 1/2 Teacher

  • Mrs Kate Younger

    Year 3/4 Teacher

  • Mrs Joanne Bushell

    Year 3/4 Teacher

  • Mr Sean Harvey

    Year 5/6 Teacher

  • Miss Sue Cook

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Amy Hewitt

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Michelle Hayes

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mr Michael Atkinson

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Corinne Hayes

    School Catering Manager

  • Mr Simon Ripley


Schools are required to publish details of members of staff who earn £100,000. At Belsay there are no members of staff in this category.