Reception: Miss Cantwell and Miss Houghton

We work as a great team in Reception and have a brilliant time exploring through our play. We hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to, for the latest updates scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Our first day, this was a great day and we all settled in really well without needing our home grown ups to come in with us. All of the teachers were very impressed by this! We spent the day learning our new routines and exploring all of the new changes around us!
The great train track build was on today in Reception, everyone worked as a great team to make the biggest train track we have ever had in Reception. We had lots of help to mend the track and the team worked until it was fully complete! Well done everyone!
The children have enjoyed the outdoor challenges, finding lots of ways to use our balance and strength. We all enjoyed walking the plank but it was hard work trying to escape from the pirates!
We have had a busy time during our imaginative play time this week, some of us made our own mask while some of us used what we already have in school! The children have had some fantastic ideas this week and the level of conversation has been amazing to listen to.
The children are really enjoying the performing arts sessions we have been having, this has helped with our listening skills as well as giving us an opportunity to try something new. We have been fantastic at joining in and we are really enjoying ourselves.
Lots of creative time this week! The children enjoyed rescuing the dinosaurs from the frozen eggs.
Putting our waterproofs and wellies to good use by getting out and about in all weathers!
The children have enjoyed dressing up this week, this has led to some fantastic communication with each other when in the role of another character!
"That was the best show and tell ever,"
The children had a great time during our show and tell this week, we were lucky enough to have one of the Reception Daddy's give up their free time to bring a JCB from their farm for us to have a look at. We got to have a try in the driving seat and see all the important parts of the JCB. We checked to see if we were taller or shorter than the wheels, no one was taller. The children really enjoyed this and we are very thankful for the time that was taken to allow us to have such a fantastic opportunity.
Making the most of our Autumn days by getting out and about on the field, being able to enjoy exploring in the wildlife area and under the big trees on the field. We have all noticed changes to the weather and our days, the biggest change being that for most of us we are now leaving school when it is dark.
We have had a great time in PE finding all of the different ways we can balance.
Super money work, looking closely at the coins, thinking about how we could describe them to a friend and then being able to match them before the time runs out!
"There has been an accident," Luckily the boys were quick to area to write down the important information about what had taken place.
Thinking of all of the different ways we can make 10, we were very surprised to see there were lots of different ways we can do this. Great teamwork from the children to help each other to check there was only 10.