Reception: Miss Cantwell and Miss Houghton

In Reception we... work as a team, help each other, learn and explore but most importantly enjoy coming to school! Scroll down the page to see the most recent events! 
Enjoying our first day together in Reception, exploring our classroom and outdoor area! 
Having a brilliant time exploring during our Forest school time, having the opportunity to go in the invention shed we will have a weekly session doing both each week. We are so excited for our next one! 
Completing our art work based on the work of a famous artist Kandinsky, he different shapes and lots of different colours on his art work. We explored the different colours we could make just by mixing colours together. We discovered that using white makes the colour light, and using black makes the colour darker.  
Making good use of our waterpoofs and wellies to get out and about whatever the weather! 
What a fantastic time we had on our 'come and see the classroom day' a great opportunity to show off to the grown ups all of the lovely areas we have to play in! 
Another busy week for everyone in Reception, working on finishing what we have started even when it takes a long time! 
What a busy Forest School sessions we had this week, rolling down the hill, climbing the hill to collect the fallen leaves, making magic wands and even enough time to do some leaf printing. Everyone had a lot of fun and the weather was fantastic! 
It is hard work organising and then enjoying a party! We had to set the table, take everyone's orders, make the food, serve the food and then clear it all away. Phew! What a lot of team work and communication was required to make it a success! 
Some fantastic number formation in Reception this week, finding a number, matching the right amount of objects to it and then recording the number we found! 
Lots to explore this week inside, activities that require us to look closely at different items including ourselves! Thinking about making our own choices about which vegetables we like and which vegetables we do not like in preparation for making our own soup. 
After a close inspection of our wildlife area to look for the type of food the birds might eat, we quickly discovered there was not much food around, so we decided to gather the equipment we needed and make our own bird food.