2020 - 2021 Reception: Miss Cantwell and Miss Houghton

Welcome to Reception!
We are very excited to start our learning journey together. If you have any questions Miss Houghton and Miss Cantwell will be happy to help. 
In Reception we follow the Read Write Inc phonics scheme. Below is a video on how to pronounce the sounds. It would be very helpful if you could watch it as it will benefit your child. 
Our first story that we will focus on is The Gruffalo! 
We have been very busy in Reception finding lots of different ways to create images of ourselves! During our first forest school session the children explored the wildlife area looking for anything that may be a problem and we discussed how to overcome this. We then went on a hunt for anything we thought would be useful to make our own pictures. Here are a few we wanted to share! 
We have been fantastic at showing off our cutting skills and working hard to follow the line. A very tricky task indeed but we all gave it our best go and were very proud of the end result! 
This week we have been using the laptop to drag and drop. We used the 2simple programme. 
In Reception we use the main board throughout the day to record the date, and look at the visual timetable to help us to know what is coming next. 
We created these colours by mixing the colours red, yellow, blue, black and white to see what new colours. 
Our story focus is now Owl babies! 
This week in forest school we have used the story of 'Don't hog the hedge' which is a Twinkl story. We created our own hedgehogs! 
We have tested our strength using the hole punches to create marks in the card. We discovered the single hole punches were harder to use compared to the two hole hole punches. 
This week during show and tell we had a whole range of items to talk about. We even had a visit from a dog, luckily it wasn't a real one but it's bark was very realistic! We use our show and tell time to discuss an object or topic chosen by the child. We then encourage the children to develop their communication skills by asking a question to find out something more about the topic or object. The children really enjoy this time and we also have some fantastic discussions. 
Our new story focus for the next two weeks is 'Stick man' by Julia Donaldson. Thanks to our very own Mr Atkinson Reception have two sets of stick families, one very small and delicate, one very large and robust. It has been lovely to see the children using these to re-tell the story already. 
We have been very busy already this week, continuing with our phonics and focusing on our letter formation. A tricky task but one everyone was determined to complete. 
Some fantastic creations have been made this week in Reception. The children have been very interested in making different homes. 
A tricky activity, using the stickers to make a picture. The children really enjoyed seeing what they could come up with and trying hard to peel the stickers from the sheets. Well done Team Reception! 
We went on a hunt around the classroom as some pictures appeared with what we thought were words on them HOWEVER  the initial letter was missing from each one so we had to work together to think about what they were supposed to start with. 
This week in Forest school we made links with our story focus of 'Stick man'. We went on a hunt for the best sticks we could find in our wildlife area thinking about the size we would like our stick person to be. The children then had to decide whether they would use PVA glue or masking tape. For some of us this involved a lot of trial and error to see which one worked best for what we wanted to create. Here are the final products. A fantastic amount of effort from Team Reception even when a lot of times they thought they were finished but then it fell apart and they had to start again! 
This week we have focused on the story of Elmer, there are many different versions that we have available to read in class. The children are really excited to read the different stories. 
What a fantastic time we had for our Harvest festival and Halloween day. Everyone looked magnificent in their costumes and a great time was had by all. 
A lovely Autumn day! 
The story focus is now Room on the Broom, this is a favourite of some of the children in our class. It has led to the children being very interested in making their own magic wands. Some of the teachers were transformed in to a range of different animals from frogs to elephants. The children are becoming very familiar with this book already!
This half term we have started our Commando Joe's lessons, we were all very excited to hear about how we will have to plan missions, work as a team and then see if we can complete the missions together. This week we explored all of the different equipment that we have available- the box is enormous and seems to have a never ending amount of items available. We worked together to test the equipment, look closely at what we have and think about what our missions might look like in the coming weeks. 
This week we have thought about Bonfire night, why we celebrate it, how we can stay safe and how it might be a bit different this year. The children really enjoyed using the small world figures to think about the safety aspects of having a bonfire. They were brilliant at knowing they needed to stand back and ensure that the adults were the ones who were able to light the fireworks. We completed some lovely pictures of fireworks and they are now displayed in our classroom. Everyone is looking forward to hopefully seeing some in the sky even if we can't attend our normal displays this year. Whatever you choose to do remember to stay safe! 
This week's story focus is dig, dig, digging by Margaret Mayo. A great book to look at different types of transport which links well with our current topic. 
Linking with our topic of transport we were able to have a look at a real car engine, we checked the oil, filled up the water and discussed what all of the different parts were for. We then tried the horn and discovered it was very loud! 
We have been working on those tricky digraphs this week, being able to recognise them on their own and in words. A great hunt took place in Reception! 
We have started our new story, it is We're going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen. The children have really enjoyed the story and knew it very well already. We have so far had a Carol hunt and a power ranger hunt. This has led to us having to think about the different settings, characters and what we might come across on our journey. 
There has been some magnificent independent letter and writing work taking place this week. The children have been making books, writing lists and even testing each other with the sounds we know so far. This is fantastic to see in Reception! 
Commando Joe's this week saw us have to continue our team work. We had to do lots of listening to our partner to safely cross the obstacle course, we also had to do lots of watching as some parts required no talking just movement! 
We have focused on art work by Kandinsky, we looked at the colours and shapes used and tried our best to recreate it using similar techniques. 
Christmas has without a doubt arrived in Reception! The children have had a great time working as a team to decorate the classroom and we have even been lucky enough to receive a letter from Santa himself! 
This week our story focus has been on the Christmas story we have looked at the traditional version but have also enjoyed reading lots of alternative versions too. We have also engaged with a range of different Christmas books. 
A big problem occurred on Monday when we were packing away the 'We're going on a bear hunt' story, the mud Miss Cantwell had made was missing. The children quickly got to work making posters, writing and drawing in the hope it would appear. Then one child decided to make some new mud to be used, what a great problem solver! Here are some of the posters we created. 
A lot of craft activities have taken place in Reception this week, the children are very excited to take their pack home to share with their family. 
What a great time we have all had for our Christmas party. There was dancing, party games of pass the parcel, musical statues, musical chairs and a special video from the elves! We received a  special letter telling us to look at the board at 2 o'clock and as if by magic a video appeared. It told us all about the elf visiting our school and seeing how hard we have worked and it even checked who was on the nice or naughty list. Luckily we were all on the nice list. We then had to go on a hunt to find the presents that were left behind! What a great time we had! We finished off with some party food our home grown ups had provided for us followed by some more dancing! What a fantastic party! 
What a lot of Christmas crafts have been made this year in Reception! Thanks to a special delivery from Rudolph we had more than we had originally anticipated. Merry Christmas everyone and all the best for 2021! 
The story focus this week has been Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Everyone had a good knowledge of the story already but we have worked to ensure we are even more familiar with the story. 
Commando Joe's was all about listening and following instructions this week, here we are trying our best! 
We had the best day ever on Thursday, there was so much snow at school and we played out in it for a long time. We made snowmen, enjoyed some sledging and even had a big snow ball fight! 
This weeks story focus is The Three Billy Goats Gruff, a great opportunity to use our story stones made by our very own Mrs Hewitt! 
We have been thinking about symmetry and how we can remember this as being 'the same on both sides'. We made our own butterflies by painting one half of the butterfly, folding the paper over the top and then opening to reveal a symmetrical butterfly! 
Commando Joe's was magnificent this week! We made our very own jungle! 
This week we have focused on the story of the Little Red Hen. We have practiced re-telling the story, read different versions of the story and also made our very own bread. Luckily we had lots of willing helpers unlike in our story. 
This week's story focus has been Jack and the Beanstalk. On Monday a beanstalk appeared in our classroom, we have spent much of the week wondering where it might have came from. The children then discovered in the reading area some magic beans had been left for us to plant! We have been brilliant at creating our own giants and then labelling them. 
Another snowy day at Belsay happened this week! Everyone had a great time, we even worked on some PE skills throwing and catching snow balls. It was magnificent! We have then watched all week as the field becomes more and more filled with rain water!