Reception: Miss Cantwell and Miss Houghton

We have had a very busy week this week in Reception.
It was hard working planting the bulbs this week but we all really enjoyed ourselves.
We had a great time playing out in the snow, we couldn't believe that at break time there was no snow and by lunch time we were able to have a fun in the snow!
Lots of Christmas fun this week! Starting the countdown to Christmas, decorating the classroom and making lots of Christmas crafts which will soon be making their way home.
Rescuing the dinosaurs was lots of fun this week! The eggs were very cold and we had to be really careful not to break them!
We really enjoyed the visit from PC Etherington, it was so much fun to be able to look at all his special equipment and hear about all of the jobs he has to do to keep everyone safe! We were super at listening to him, because of this we were allowed to have a go of the sirens and horn in the police car! This was lots of fun!
Maths day was lots of fun, it was so difficult to decide what our favourite number was, as there are so many. The highlight of the day was decorating our own biscuit, again we had to decide which number we wanted to write. We then had a chance to use the rest of the icing and decorations to create our own special biscuits, they were so delicious that they did not last long enough to make it home or even for a photo!