2017-2018 KS1: Mrs Armstrong

Mrs Armstrong's Class
In KS1 we'll have lots of fun
But we won't rest 'till our work is done.
With our motto you'll be impressed -
Never settle for less than your best!
Take a peek and you will see,
We're always the best that we can be!
Scroll down to the bottom to see our latest work...
Welcome to KS1!
We have had a great first day back and we have been super busy already! We might not be in our new classroom yet, but we have prepared by making our coat peg labels and deciding on our class rules for our class charter. We even sneaked in time to play our personalised KS1 Guess Who game, which was pretty tricky! Well done to all the children for coming into school so well. It's going to be a great year!
Elmar Elephants
As part of our DT, we have been colouring fabrics. Have a look at our fantastic Elmar Elephants! Wow!
Adam Bushnell visit
A fantastic afternoon with Adam Bushnell (a children's author) who came in to help us write some amazing stories. He even brought along his pet tortoise! 
This week we have been using beans to work out our number bonds to 10 and 20. 
Judith Kerr Books
This week in Literacy we have been looking at books by Judith Kerr. We have read and acted out The Tiger Who Came to Tea, and have had fun reading all the Mog stories. Super reading KS1!
World Animal Day
KS1 had a great time dressing up for World Animal Day! We learnt lots of new facts and did some fabulous writing and drawing based on our animal.
We have started our coding in ICT and have worked well with partners on the iPads.
We had a great time at Multiskills, meeting children from other schools and showing off our P.E skills!
Literacy wb 16.10.17
Wow what a busy week so far! We have started our new topic on Poetry. The children have learnt and recited poems such as 'Pirate Ship' and 'This is the Alligator'. They have been able to watch back their performances - always a funny experience! We have also completed our first 'Cold Write', where the children write completely independently. This half term, the focus was a pumpkin story; a great first try at cold writing! Well done!
Phonics Help!
A few parents have asked for a little more information on phonics and how to ensure children are saying the correct sounds. Follow the link below for a demonstration! Year 1 children are working with Set 2 and Set 3 sounds (around 2:00 into the video below). Please ask if you have any problems!
Here are some of our fabulous Year 2s showing all the phonics sounds.
Toys Topic
We had a great time today making our cup and ball toys and testing them out!
NUFC Sports
Week 1: Multiskills
Week 2: Multiskills
Morse Code
A few years ago, as part of the Bolam War Memorial work, Belsay children were asked to think of a message to write around the memorial. The children were looking at morse code and decided it would be good to have the message written in code. Current KS1 children have worked hard to translate the message:
Children of Belsay
Thank the past
Greet the future
into dots and dashes - well done! This will be going around the base of the memorial. 
Tyne Theater Panto Workshop
We were so lucky to have Charlie Richmond from the Tyne Theater come and work with us today. We had a great time and laughed a lot! We are looking forward to going to him in action in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!
Planting at Kirkharle
We had a great time planting at Kirkharle today. We all worked hard and planted over 750 flowers! Wow! We were even given juice and a biscuit - lucky class! 
Planting trees and bulbs with Mrs Etherington.
Children in Need
We had a great day today celebrating Children in Need. The children looked fantastic and, although we had lots of things to do we manage to squeeze in time to make Pudsey masks and do some Pudsey bear colouring.
We had a great time today enjoying the snow. We had an amazing snowball fight - so much fun we forgot to take many photos!
More snow! Sledging today...
Autumn 2: Cold Write
Well done KS1 - you have written some fabulous recounts of our visit to the panto to see Snow White. Some fantastic sentences, adjectives and presentation. You have all made great improvements since the last cold write - great work!
We were so excited today to have a very special visitor, all the way from the North Pole! The children were delighted and very polite saying thank you for their gifts. 


We hope you like all your Christmas things we have made in school. The children have worked so hard and are really proud of what they have created. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

On Wednesdays, we are taking part in our Judo sessions. They are lots of fun!
Castles Topic
We have been creating maps of Northumberland, adding on the castles we know. We have had some great discussions about the castles, and were very excited to find out about murder holes when we were writing about castle features.
More snow.. more sledging!
We have been investigating materials in Science, thinking about their properties and how they can be changed by stretching or bending. 
We all really enjoyed having PC Etherington visit us in school today. He talked about his job, the equipment he needs and even let us have a go on the sirens in his car! Thank you so much for a great morning. 
NSPCC Number Day
We had fun investigating our chosen numbers today and talking about them with our friends.
£100 Class Spend
We have really enjoyed starting to use the things we bought with our class money! In Golden Time today, we have had great fun starting to build our Lego, using our mat and cars, using our whiteboard for 'teaching' role play and looking through our new Where's Wally book. 
We all enjoyed having Mr Bergin visit our class this morning. He told us all about his job and where he works. The children were very excited to play 'Operation' and try on the masks and hats!
E-Safety Week
As part of our work on E-safety, we have visited the 'Think u Know' website by CEOP. We have watched some videos on how to stay safe online and created our own posters all about E-Safety. We even learnt the 'Hector's World' theme tune!
We enjoyed having our own Mr Harvey visit our class this morning. He talked about his work as a magistrate and discussed the similarities and differences between this and his job at school! 
We have had a busy week this week! We have been looking at a new story 'The Whale's Song', and using noun phrases and adjectives to describe illustrations and photos. In maths we have started to look at time and have had fun seeing what we can do in 15, 30 and 60 seconds!
Thank you to Miss Clarke for visiting our class today. She talked about her work teaching PE, organising events and leading a team of PE teachers. The children had some good questions and enjoyed hearing about her sporting experience. 
Music Lessons
Well done to our fabulous violinists, who gave us a little performance of what they have been working on in their music lessons. A tune from India, followed by a tune from Scotland. You have been working hard!
We all really enjoyed our hula hooping experience today - a big thank you to Hoopstarz for teaching us some new skills!
Science Week
We have really enjoyed the activities on Science Day this week (see Whole School Events for photos). We have also been doing our own class experiments to see what plants need to grow. Hopefully they will all grow (or not) as we expect them to!
We love to read!
A big THANK YOU to the PTA for our new books! As you can see, we have already had a good look through them and have read a few as a class. We love the feel and smell of new books, not to mention the exciting new things to be learnt!
Thank you to Mr McGrane (Headteacher at Ponteland High School) and Mrs Bell (Bell's Coaches) who came this week to talk about their careers with the children. We enjoyed learning about new jobs and asking lots of questions. 
World Book Day
We had a great day for World book Day and there were some fantastic costumes! Have a look at the photos in the 'Whole School Events' section of the website!
Thank you to Mrs Dufton for coming in to talk to us about her job as a scientist! we enjoyed hearing about what her work involves and doing some experiments with cabbages!
Northumberland Show
For our entries for the Northumberland Show, we have been working really hard in our seaside topic. We have designed and made our very own beach huts, thinking about how a net folds up into a 3D shape, how different materials feel to use and how patient we have to be to wait for glue to dry! We are super proud of our end results! The competition will be displayed at the Northumberland show on the 28th May, Stocksfield.
Happy Easter! We hope you like your cards!
Today we have been making our own worry dolls. We read another Anthony Browne story, Silly Billy, where Billy is worried about many things. He learns about worry dolls from Guatemala; these help him by taking away his worries while he sleeps. Have a look at our own fabulous worry dolls!
What an exciting lunch to make the most of the glorious weather! Thank you Mrs Hayes for our delicious pizza and chips.
Tanveer has already had a good start to the weekend at Athletics Club!
Prince and Princess Day
What a fabulous day we had! Have a look in the 'Whole School Events' section for more photos.
Well done to Year 1s for practicing their hula hooping skills!
It's lovely to be enjoying our fantastic school field in the sunshine. We are certainly getting much better at our throwing, catching and batting! We are enjoying lots of skills games and playing both diamond and continuous cricket.
Local Area Topic
We have started our topic by looking at artwork from a local artist, Rebecca Vincent. We have investigated her work and used one piece as inspiration for our own work.
We then looked at another local artist, Mary Ann Rogers. We had a go at drawing and painting her fabulous duck, 'Captain Drake'
Literacy: Non-chronological reports
We have been using our iPads to find facts about bats. We scanned the QR code to get to a website. We wrote down some key information to use in our non chronological reports next week. 
Our KS1 class have been pretty good at winning trophies recently! Well done!
Newcastle Eagles
What a morning! We really enjoyed our time with the Newcastle Eagles coach - we have learnt some new skills and all had a great time!
Local Area Homework
Wow! I am so impressed with the amazing models, poems, drawings, information boards and paintings produced for your homework! Well done!